About us


Sabores Monásticos is a registered trademark that sells regional Portuguese products, many of them originating in the Varosa valley.
The head office is located in Salzedas, a historical, predominantly agricultural area, an integral part of the Douro wine-growing villages. Salzedas is also the name of a Cistercian monastery, Santa Maria de Salzedas, which began to be built on January 20, 1168, under the leadership of D. Teresa Afonso, widow of Egas Moniz. The works were finished on October 20, 1225.
Our task is simple but ambitious: to bring you the best products from small farmers, still handcrafted.


Promote sustainability in the region, creating new forms of development.
Valuing small producers.
Innovate in the dissemination of new and old products.
Honesty and transparency in all practices developed.
Social responsibility, inside and outside the company.